At Seekers Church…

we believe God calls each person to a place of need in the world. This call to love and co-create may take root in workplace, community, family, or nature. It may appear as art, dance, advocacy, housing, childcare, music, peacemaking, storytelling. The call may seem overwhelming. But as we find support from each other in our spiritual journeys, we can dare to say “Yes!” to impossible undertakings, to fully imagining and living our unique and precious lives.

Who We Are

Seekers Church is a diverse, progressive, and affirming family of faith working for peace and justice. Our youngest member is one year old, our oldest is over 90. Women and men share equally in servant leadership, creating worship and celebrations, maintaining our building, and all other tasks. We celebrate and welcome people of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, beliefs, and cultures to full participation in the church’s community life, rituals, and leadership.

We are a Christian church whose members’ spirituality and theology range broadly. At the heart of the Seekers community are small, committed groups that support the life and goals of the church and each participant. In these groups, members share more intimately their joys and struggles, practice common spiritual disciplines, and find spiritual accountability.

Join us for worship on Sundays at 9:30.