About Seekers ARCHIVE

Seekers Church is an inter-generational, open, and affirming family of faith. We create worship that includes prayers, preaching, and art from many in the community; we support lifelong learning through our School for Christian Growth and disciplined individual prayer, reflection, and study.

We live out God’s call through small, committed groups that support the life and missions of the church; Christian servanthood in the ordinary structures of our lives (work, primary relationships, and citizenship); spending as much on community and worldwide ministries as on church operations; and calling forth our leadership from within the community.

Who We Are 

We were born out of the Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC, in 1976.  The life of Seekers Church is based on the belief that God calls each person to minister to some place of need in God’s Creation.

This call to love and serve God’s creation may take root in workplace, community, or family.  This call is likely to seem too big for us. But as we deepen our commitment to Christ and find support from each other, our faith deepens and we can dare to say “Yes” to God’s call to commitment.

We are –

•    Teachers and learners,

•    Entrepreneurs and managers,

•    Children and technicians,

•    Artists and grandparents,

•    Policy analysts and counselors,

•    Therapists and lawyers,

•    Parents and advocates,

•    Civil servants and preachers,

•    Healers and justice seekers.

We are one small part of the Body of Christ, called to a life of loving and doing God’s will; ordinary, imperfect people facing the turbulence of these times together.

We are called to journey together with Christ, an adventure that includes…

An Inner Journey to a deeper faith in God, nourishing ourselves through daily spiritual practices … spiritual accountability within the community … classes for children, youth, and adults … a weekend of silent retreat at least once every year.

An Outer Journey
to serve God’s creation through personal commitment to ministry in daily life, as well as ministry together through small mission groups where we work together in response to God’s call.

A Community Journey to build the Body of Christ celebrating our rich and diverse faith traditions … sharing leadership and ministry widely … including children in all we do together … welcoming people of all ages, races, and sexual or gender orientations.

Come Journey with Us

Our celebration on Sunday morning includes time for informal sharing, greetings, and news from the community, at the beginning of our worship.


9:30 – Worship begins with a community gathering

10:00 – Worship and Christian education for children

11:15 – Conversation and refreshments


Click here for a complete guide to our worship (PDF format).

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