Resources During This Time of Social Distancing, June 26, 2020

 June 26, 2020

Dear Seekers and Friends,

As we enter our 15th week and are moving into a full reopening, I have found myself thinking that there is no longer a need for this resources email anymore. I have enjoyed gathering and sharing a variety of information and I hope that it has been helpful, entertaining, thought provoking and opened new possibilities.

This will be the last issue of the Resources Email!



Resources for Keeping Informed About the Coronavirus  

Are you having trouble understanding all the information coming your way about this virus? What does asymptomatic mean exactly?…

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Resources During This Time of Social Distancing, June 19, 2020

Dear Seekers and Friends,

Covid-19 is back in the news again as more and more states who are reopening are seeing a sharp rise in their numbers of infections and hospitalizations.

The virus has exposed many things that we as a society did not want to face or just ignored. Racism, inequities, systems that prevent upward mobility and deny equal access to education and opportunity are just some of the things that have come into sharp focus in the last week. It has also exposed the limits of our health care system and the irony of tying healthcare to employment in a time when 28% of people are now unemployed because of a pandemic.…

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Resources During This Time of Social Distancing, June 12, 2020

 Dear Seekers and Friends,

Slowly but surely change is coming. We can see it in the initiatives that have begun after 16 days of BLM protests. Long over due change is coming.

Meanwhile the pandemic is still here. We have in large part been thinking of other things, but the number of cases world wide has now spiked to 100,000 a day, reminding us that it is still virulent and we need to be cautious, and careful in this new world it is creating.

This week we have resources for engaging with the BLM movement, understanding what is behind the calls to defund police, learning how to have uncomfortable conversations, ideas on what to replace those Civil War statues with, predictions about what this pandemic will look like as we more fully reopen, some movies books and podcasts to enlighten and entertain, so find a comfortable spot and enjoy!…

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Resources During This Time of Social Distancing, June 5, 2020

Dear Seekers and Friends,

It has been a week!

Suddenly news about the virus and the pandemic slipped from the front page and we were confronted with the consequences of long simmering inequalities, the disempowerment of huge numbers of our fellow citizens and police brutality that disproportionally affects our black and brown brothers and sisters.

More than ever it has become clear that the world we lived in before this Great Pause is not something we want to return to.

Included in this email are resources and information to help us become aware of the systemic injustices that have lead us to this point, resources for how to become a better anti-racist, stories of hope, recipes of comfort and information about this virus which affects all of us.…

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Resources During This Time of Social Distancing, May 29, 2020

Dear Seekers and Friends,

“Reopening” as a word was never supposed to be scary or frightening, but in the midst of a pandemic it has become a loaded term, fraught with anxiety and uncertainty.

We are right at the beginning of a pandemic that could last for awhile and as we reopen we are going to need to figure out how to coexist with this virus while we try to find a vaccine or develop treatments which make its effects on the human body more manageable and less deadly.

In the meantime, how do we stay safe as we reopen?

What are the risks?…

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