Core Documents

04 Aug Mosaic logo 2Seekers Church maintains a series of documents refered to as our “Core Documents.” These documents describe who we are, what we are doing here and how we set about to do the work we do.

A Guide to Seekers Church

This guide is our effort to explain how the Seekers Church is living out its call. In describing ourselves we have tried to say who we are and what we do rather than who we ought to be. Material for this guide has come from many Seekers, and we thank them all. Since Seekers Church is a small part of the living Body of Christ, by the time you read this guide, we may be doing church differently, but this is how we see ourselves at this moment in time.

Click here to access a PDF version of the guide for printing or on-line reference. The table of contents is linked to the content. Simply click on the item or page number.

Bylaws of Seekers Church

In 1995 the Church of the Saviour took a major step in its diaspora when the small faith communities that had been worshiping separately since 1976 incorporated as separate churches. The bylaws of Seekers Church establish the legal structure for the community.

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Mission Groups in Seekers Church

Mission groups have been a core element of the life of Seekers Church from our beginning in 1976. A decade earlier the Church of the Saviour established mission groups as the place of primary belonging for everyone in the congregation. Today, Seekers mission groups are a primary place where we are living out God’s call on our lives, the place where we belong most deeply to this small part of the Body of Christ.

Our mission group guide provides information on:

  • Why we think mission groups are important;
  • How they are structured in Seekers Church;
  • How mission groups support our Christian servanthood in the life of the community and its service to the world;
  • What a mission group and a participant can expect from each other;
  • The significance of a mission group for its members;
  • How to join an existing group; and
  • How we nurture the birth of new groups.

Word and Music in Worship

This document provides a framework for those involved in preparing for Sunday worship at Seekers Church. “Guidelines for Selecting Music,” “Guidelines for Preaching,” and “Guidelines for Liturgists” were prepared by Celebration Circle; “The Children’s Word” was prepared by the Children’s Team. All are based in the experience of the community, and are offered with love and with the understanding that sometimes the Spirit of God moves us to ignore all rules and guidelines.

Teaching in the School for Christian Growth 

The School for Christian Growth (formerly called the School of Christian Living) uses a relational model, which assumes that each participant brings some form of wisdom from his or her life experiences in connection with the subject to the class, and that each person will make discoveries about the subject. This document explains the model and serves as a guideline for teachers at the SCG.

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Worship with Seekers Church: A Visitor’s Guide

Seekers Church is an intentional Christian community that has grown out of the 50-year history of the Church of the Saviour. During its life, Church of the Saviour has developed a strong commitment to the priesthood of all believers, lived out through an outer journey of service to God’s creation, balanced by an inner journey of disciplined prayer and reflection to support individual discernment of God’s call.

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