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Fred Taylor

Fred is one of the co-founders of Seekers Church. In 1976 he and Sonya Dyer called together the Seekers faith community. For the 15 years preceding the emergence of Seekers, Fred had been serving as the director of For Love of Children (FLOC) [http://www.floc.org/] FLOC was founded in 1965 by a consortium of churches and concerned citizens to assist 900 abandoned and abused children, who were then being warehoused in the District of Columbia’s overcrowded and understaffed “Junior Village.” FLOC and its partners arranged viable schooling and living alternatives for these kids, and secured the closing of Junior Village in 1973. Fred served at Seekers Church until 1988, and is currently a member of 8th Day Faith Community, a sister faith community in Church of the Saviour.

Fred’s Book

14 Book Taylor Roll Away the StoneRoll Away the Stone. Great Falls VA: Information International, 1999. Ordering Information

Draws on Fed’s deep spiritual roots and 30 years of work with families and on the streets of Washington, DC to illuminate how much work can be done to change the lives of children who are hidden from public view, growing up with no realistic possibility of a decent life.

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