Life Together

Seekers at Dayspring

In addition to our formal worship, the members of Seekers Church enjoy a rich life together in small groups, on retreat, in classes, and in other ways.

Mission Groups

At the heart of our faith community are our mission groups, which provide for ministry and, in the process, for life-enriching and life-altering experiences. In the tradition of the Church of the Saviour, Seekers has come to understand that the best way for us to deepen our faith in God is through a combination of prayerful reflection and intentional action, working together with a few others who share a common commitment to a particular ministry. We maintain this environment for growth through small mission groups. We see mission groups as having some of the qualities of the small groups that lived and worked with Jesus during his earthly ministry and in the early church.

Our mission groups:

• sustain and organize our ministries in the world,
• support the spiritual growth of their members,
• and sustain the life of this Church.

Ministry Teams

Mission groups are not the only way things get done in Seekers Church. There are opportunities for individuals to offer their gifts through small, more informal groups. Sometimes individuals or informal small groups take on the coordination of specific tasks or to develop a recommendation for consideration by the community.

School for Christian Growth

After Mission Groups most of our community-building work is done during our Tuesday night classes. Take a look at our offerings and sign up at the church on Sundays.

Children’s Ministry

We have a small, vibrant children’s ministry.


Seekers is committed to reaching out to our neighbors in our D.C. neighborhood as well as around the world. Learn more here. 

Dayspring Retreat Center

Our retreat center in Germantown Maryland is a place where we grow in community.

Core Documents

Seekers Church maintains a series of documents refered to as our “Core Documents.” These documents describe who we are, what we are doing here and how we set about to do the work we do.

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat Community

Rolling Ridge is an ecumenical Christian study retreat community located on 1400 acres of wilderness near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The community offers a wide variety of programs and has several interesting facilities available for programs and retreats. Seekers Church is a partner and has reserved access to the retreat house four weeks every year. Personal time away in the wilderness is also possible through Seekers’ partnership with Rolling Ridge.