Churches in the Tradition of the Church of the Saviour 

Seekers Church is one of several churches that have emerged from the Church of the Saviour and which continue in that tradition. Links for each of them can be found here.

Ministries of the Church of the Saviour

A number of ministries have grown from churches and mission groups of the Church of the Saviour. Each is independently organized and welcomes your contact.

Other Sites with Seekers Church Connections

Camp Pecometh has hosted many Seekers kids over the years, both in the past (the Lloyds, Woods, Dahlins) and present. Meredith Lloyd, who worked at Pecometh growing up and now serves on the board of directors there, says “I think it would be great if [Pecometh] could be the summer camp of choice for Seekers kids!” They also have family/friends weekends open to all generations.

The Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion nutures and guides students, churches and artists exploring the intersections of the arts and theology. It is part of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC.

Lumunos (formerly Faith At Work) empowers you to explore, discern and act on your many gifts and calls in the complexity of life for the good of God’s world.

Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Centers of Greater Washington has been devoted to the healing of mind, body, and spirit for more than 30 years.

Revised Common Lectionary is the complete lectionary for all seasons of the current liturgical year as well as the previous year and the following year in the three-year cycle. It is available online as a service of Vanderbilt University Library.

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat Community is an ecumenical Christian study retreat community located on 1400 acres of wilderness near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Seekers Church owns shares in Rolling Ridge and uses the facility for retreats. Additional information about Rolling Ridge is also available here.

Seekers Church Members’ Websites

Aliathena – a comprehensive site about women in Greek myth

Pat Conover – Pat’s sermons and other writing

Jesse Palidofsky – a selection of Jesse’s music

Margreta Silverstone – a selection of Margreta’s quilts

Deborah Sokolove – a gallery of Deborah’s art

Mulberry Coach – the musical project of Katie Fisher & John Morris

Riverhouse ePress – founded by Ron Kraybill, publishes a conflict style inventory widely used by conflict resolution trainers in the U.S. and abroad

Progressive Christianity Networking

The Boston Declaration

The Center for Progressive Christianity

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Christian Peace Witness

Church World Service

The Clergy Letter Project (a religion and evolution site)

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI-US)

Institute for Progressive Christianity

The Network of Spiritual Progressives  (a project of the Tikkun Community)

Progressive Chrisitans Uniting

Resources for Systemic Advocacy

About Urban Legends  (a source for debunking erroneous legends and hoaxes)

Afghan Institute of Learning

The Center for Medicare Advocacy

Churches for Middle East Peace

Coalition on Human Needs (an anti-poverty website)

Ecumenical Advocacy Days (a major annual conference in the Washington, D.C., area)

Equality Maryland (an LGBT coalition in Maryland)

Etalkinghead’s Political Blog  (access to a directory of religious blogs concerning politics)

Faithful America (an inter-religious website maintained by the National Council of Churches)

Guatemala Human Rights Commission

Institute for Welcoming Resources  (religion and transgender issues)

Interfaith Alliance

International Foundation for Gender Education

Middle East Council of Churches

Mother Jones  (the Mother Jones Iraq War timeline)

National LGBTQ Taskforce  (LGBTQ political coalition)

National Low Income Housing Coalition  (advocacy  organization)

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Susan’s Place Trangender Resources

United Church of Christ   (link to LGBT resources)

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

Washington Interfaith Network

Washington Office on Latin America

Washington Office on Africa

Wikipedia on Iraq

Lists of Christian Communities

Online Communities Directory is a searchable online directory of intentional communities from North America and around the world provided by the Fellowship for Intentional Community.

Jesus Army Community Links contains a list of Christian Communities around the world. is a gay and lesbian-welcoming church directory.

Communities Crosslinking to Seekers Church

Wellspring United Methodist Church The similarities among churches founded in the tradition of Church of the Saviour abound. Wellspring is located in Williamsburg, VA, but COS had a great influence in their creation. It is a community of faith driven by the Spirit, led by the laity, and committed to Christian discipleship. Wellspring will empower each person on a Christian journey that fosters deep commitment and faithfulness. In order to further His transformation of individual lives, we will strive to reveal Christ to each other and the community.

Evangelical Community Elim The Elim-Community in the Netherlands functions as a platform and point of contact for 35 evangelical communities. “Evangelical” indicates that these fellowships stem from or belong to the evangelical wing of the universal church. This does not mean identification with a certain denomination. There are Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Charismatic communities included.

Other Missions and Ministries

Adopt an Older Child, sponsored by Adoptions Together, supports the adoption of older children in foster care by African American parents.


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