Liturgy Archive

ScrollHere are links to our archived liturgies going as far back as 1989. These liturgies were developed by our Celebration Circle mission group based on seasonal lections from the Inclusive Language Lectionary and our sense of major themes in the life of our community, the nation and the world.


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These liturgies were transfered from our original website and are not formated to the look of the current site.




Advent 2006: The Days are Surely Coming

Jubilee 2006: Dreaming Anew 

Recommitment 2006: Saying “Yes!”

Green Season 2006: Becoming Prayer

Pentecost 2006: Living the Vision 

Easter 2006: Seeing New Promise 

Lent 2006: A Service of Healing – Lent 2006

Lent 2006: Re-Viewing the Covenant 

Epiphany 2006: Patience and Practice  


Christmas 2005: New Beginnings 

Advent 2005: Binding Up the Brokenhearted 

Jubilee 2005: Living in The City Of God 

Recommitment 2005: Courage of Commitment 

Summer 2005: Taize Liturgy of 17 July 2005

Summer 2005: Swimming to the Other Side 

Pentecost 2005: Serving The World 

Easter 2005: Seeing in a New Light 

Lent 2005: Learning Compassion 

Epiphany 2005: The Gift of our Imperfect Lives 

Epiphany 2005: Communion Liturgy for 2005

Epiphany 2005: Jan Service of Contemplative Prayer in the Style of Taizé


Christmas 2004: Christmastide 

Advent 2004: hoping to be fed…our hands serving 

Jubilee 2004: Rejoice in the Day 

Recommitment 2004: Known by God 

Summer 2004:  Unpacking Our Prophetic Baggage

Summer 2004: Blessing of Seekers’ New Home @ 276 Carroll St NW

Pentecost 2004: Fear … and Deep Desire! 

Easter 2004: Behold, I am Doing a New Thing! 

Lent 2004: Invitation To Unknowing 

Lent 2004: Ash Wednesday 2004

Epiphany 2004: Splinter the Darkness 


Advent 2003: What Are We Waiting For? 

Thanksgiving 2003: Responding from The Heart 

Recommitment 2003: Doubt and Dedication 

Summer 2003: Surrender 

Pentecost 2003: Pentecost: Where Do We Go From Here? 

Easter 2003: Threatened with Resurrection! 

Lent 2003: Where is the Hunger, Where is the Hope? 

Epiphany 2003: On Love Alone 

Christmastide 2003: Christmastide

Christmas 2003: Seekers Christmas Eve Celebration


Advent 2002: At Ease in our Struggles 

Thanksgiving 2002: Crossings: Looking Ahead, Looking Back 

Remembering September 11

Recommitment 2002: Responding Joyfully With Our Lives 

Summer 2002: Sabbath Keeping 

Pentecost 2002: Fierce Love 

Easter 2002: Bearing Witness 

Easter 2002: Maundy Thursday Worship

Lent 2002: First the Silence 

Epiphany 2002: Seeing … and Not Seeing  

Epiphany 2002: Communion Liturgy for 2002



Advent 2001: Unknown Territory of Hope  

Thanksgiving 2001: Keeping the Vigil 

Recommitment 2001: Blessed Be the Ties that Bind 

Summer 2001: Breath of Summer – Minding the Moment  

Pentecost 2001: Catch the Wind – Called to a Prophetic Vocation  

Easter 2001:  Turning Our World ‘nwoD edispU’ 

Lent 2001: Building An Altar of the Fragments 

Epiphany 2001: Called by Name 


Advent 2000: A Bright Snarl 

Thanksgiving 2000: Stone Soup 

Recommitment 2000: Everyday Prophets  

Summer 2000: Summer Grace 

Pentecost 2000: No One But Us 

Easter 2000: The Future is Possible  

Lent 2000: Pay Attention! 

Epiphany 2000: Dangerous Borderlands 



Advent 1999: Mangers and Manure 

Communion Liturgy for 2000

Thanksgiving 1999: Extravagant Gratitude 

Recommitment 1999: Hungering for God 

Summer 1999: Pioneering Faith: Into The Unknown 

Pentecost 1999: Incendiary Grace 

Easter 1999: Resurrection: Now What? 

Lent 1999: In The Belly of Paradox 

Epiphany 1999: In The Shadow of God 



Advent 1998: Just Enough 

Thanksgiving 1998: Gather Us In 

Recommitment 1998: The Mystery of God 

Summer 1998: A Basket of Summer Fruit 

Pentecost 1998: First Fruits 

Easter 1998: The Tree of Life 

Lent 1998: A Way in the Wilderness 

Epiphany 1998: In The World 



Advent 1997: Full of Grace 

Thanksgiving 1997: Gratitude Begets Justice 

Recommitment 1997: Mirrors of Memory: Windows of Hope 

Summer 1997 

Pentecost 1997: Of Course! 

Easter 1997: Wondering If It’s True 

Lent 1997: Preparing for the Not Yet 

Epiphany 1997: The Appearance of God 



Advent 1996 

Fall 1996: Keeping The Vigil — Pursuing The Promise 

Recommitment 1996: Freed by Commitment 

Summer 1996: Choosing Life — Wet and Green, Creative and Painful 

Pentecost 1996: Body of Christ — Mirror of God 

Eastertide 1996: Rejoice! 

Lent 1996: Entering Mystery Through Darkness 


Epiphany 1995: Images of God 

Fall 1995:  Pioneering Faith 

Recommitment 1995: Rekindle the Flame 

Summer 1995: Breath of Summer — Minding the Moment 

Pentecost 1995: Catch the Wind — Called to a Prophetic Vocation 

Easter 1995: Meet Jesus Again — For the First Time 

Lent 1995: Prayer: Tending the Wellspring 

1994 and prior years

Christmastide 1994: Receiving the Gift of Life 

Advent 1994: Longing for the Mantle of Light 

Fall 1992: Lifelong Learning: Back to Basics 

Recommitment 1992 

Summer, 1992 

Pentecost 1992: The Breath and the Body of God 

Eastertide 1992: Signs of the Risen Christ in our Midst 

Epiphany 1992: Christ is the Light of the World 

Recommitment 1991: Standing Firm — Living Free 

Fall 1989: Learning from Work