Resources During This Time of Social Distancing, March 18, 2020

Dear Seekers,

This your first resource update. Here is what is new.
1. Mission Groups will be contacting members who are not a part of a mission groups to provide some baseline connection and offer some pastoral care during this time. We should all be aware that many of us are going to feel very isolated, especially the extroverts among us! So reach out! Contact someone new every other day or every week. Let’s share what we are learning, thinking, and doing during this extraordinarily spacious time. The Seekers Directory is attached below!
2. Green Faith is sponsoring a call in session for people of faith and spirit from around the world  to connect with each other for 30 minutes of reflection, mutual aid, and solace. This is the link to their FB page for more information. (Thanks, Kolya!)
4. 4. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a museum! This link connects you to more than 10 museums worldwide that have virtual tours!
5. Watching animals in their natural environments can be both enlightening and calming. has a phenomenal selection of live cams from all over the world and watching many different animals. I am big fan of the Pandas, what about you?
What resources, games, movies, TV Shows and other resources would you like to share with the community. Send your recommendations to me and I will include them in our next Resources email!
Stay safe and stay healthy!
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