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Mary Clare was a member of the Seekers from the beginning, and before that, of the Church of the Saviour. She left to live in Massachusetts to earn a doctorate in Creativity, then worked for 25 years as a professor at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, teaching teachers how to integrate all of the arts into their curriculum, her specialty being poetry. All that time she was writing poetry, sometimes juxtaposing it with photographs. Now retired, she continues to write and teach in western Massachusetts. She pursues her spiritual journey through Centering Prayer, Buddhist meditation, and writing and sharing poetry, and attends with her partner Violet Walker, a small country UCC church.

Mary Clare’s Books

Th14 Book Powell The Widowe Widow. Washington DC: Anaconda Press. Ordering Information

A pictorial essay of Mary Clare’s mother Ruth Powell.


14 Book Powell This Way Daybreak ComesThis Way Daybreak Comes: Women’s Values and the Future (with A. Cheatham.) Philadelphia, PA: New Society Publishers, 1986. Ordering Information

Based on interviews with about 1000 North American women about the structures they were creating and living for the future.


T14 Book Powell Things Owls Atehings Owls Ate (Amherst Writers and Artists, Amherst, MA, 2001) Ordering Information

First collection of poems.


Academic Scat (Extra Virgin Press, 2002)  Ordering Information 

Poems from academia, published through a faculty grant fro Lesley University.


14 Book Powell Arts Education and Social ChangeThe Arts, Education, and Social Change (Peter Lang Publishers, 2005) Anthology edited by Powell and Marcow-Speiser. Ordering Information  

Based on the conviction that the arts as integrated into education can transform both teaching and learning, the artist/teachers who contributed to this book describe the effects of bringing arts into prisons, small rural communities in The Far East and Africa, public school classrooms, and teacher preparation in universities and in community arts organizations. Their stories describe how the arts overcome deep-seated conflicts, build skills and confidence, and empower and enliven participants.


In the Living Room (Greenfield, MA: Extra Virgin Press, 2006)

Chapbook of poems about aging.


Box of Water (Greenfield, MA: Extra Virgin Press, 2013) Ordering Information

Poems about God, light on water at the YMCA swimming pool.


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