Mission Groups

A mission group is a place where you can join with a few others who share a commitment to God’s call on their lives to do some particular kind of transforming work in the world. A mission group is a place of safety in which you can share your inner journey, find forgiveness and understanding, ask and answer hard questions, and discern ever more clearly the ways in which God is calling you to embody Christ in your daily life. A mission group is a place where you can find support and encouragement for your spiritual growth while engaged in a particular work of transforming service. A mission group is a place where both your journey inward to knowing God and your journey outward to service can be held together in loving community.

The Call of the Group

Like Seekers Church as a whole, each mission group has a written call describing the purpose or mission of the group. This call begins to emerge before a group is formed. The call serves as the framework or skeleton for action by the group. It describes the part of our life together where the mission group will lead the congregation.

Introduction to Seekers Mission Groups


We have a brief overview of how mission groups nourish and sustain our life together in Seekers Church. Click here to open a PDF file of the document.

If you are interested in starting a group like this, click here for some ideas about how to get started.

Current Mission Groups at Seekers

Click on each mission group to read about their call and purpose.