14 Book Morris The Musician Approaching Sleep

Poet – John Morris

J. Morris

Seekers Poet


John reflects on writing poetry

Poems come to me first as voices, or lines, or images. Sometimes these fragments suggest what the poem might be about, sometimes not. Writing the poem is discovering what I mean. The music of the lines is, of course, part of the meaning. Formal constraints, when I use them, add another level of meaning. I like lucid poetry and try to write it.


John’s poems in the Seekers Collection:

“Answer to Simmias”

“Doctoring the House”

“Perish the Thought”


John’s other poetry publication

14 Book Morris The Musician Approaching SleepThe Musician, Approaching Sleep. Loveland, OH: Dos Madres Press, 2010.                        


Poetry of deep composure, wrought in the face of what at every moment awaits in life to still the phrase, the line, the breath of the musician

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