Poet – Peter Bankson

Peter Bankson

Seekers Poet

Peter reflects on writing poetry

Most of the time I find poems rather than write them. That is, there will be poetry-barren months, and then some idea or image pushes words into my head. Sometimes, though, just for fun, I decide to constrain myself in some particular way with a structure like a limerick, or one like “Seekers’ Palindrome,” that reads in both directions. Then, part of the discovery is finding things that will be lively and still fit inside the chosen structure. But then a lot of life is like that: finding things that are lively and still fit inside existing structures.

Peter’s poems in the Seekers collection:

“Easter 1999”

“Barren Manor”

“Peace With Justice”

“Seekers’ Palindrome”

“Mine, or God’s?”

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