Resources During This Time of Social Distancing, April 23, 2020

Resources for Keeping Informed About the Coronavirus  

Is the Virus on My Clothes? My Shoes? My Hair? My Newspaper? The experts answer questions about all the places coronavirus lurks (or doesn’t).

What does the year ahead of us look like? This insightful article helps prepare us the for the year ahead.

The Coronavirus in America: The Year Ahead

If we do reopen how should we think about protecting ourselves when we leave home. How to use masks, gloves and outer clothing effectively outside your “safe zones.”

Important information on “How NOT to Wear a Mask”

Hands getting dry from all the hand washing you are doing? Here is some great advice from a dermatologist on keeping your hands from getting dry and chapped.

Resources for Getting Benefits or State or Governmental Assistance Due to Covid-19

The first coronavirus relief stimulus payments have been issued. Here’s what you need to know about how much you and your family could receive.

If you are self employed or normally would not be eligible for Unemployment Insurance you will now be eligible under the Cares Act in Maryland (check DC and VA for their requirements by Googling Cares Act DC or Va.) This link will tell you how and where to file. Filing in MD begins today, April 24.

MD, DC and VA have suspended the processing of evictions and foreclosures during this pandemic. They will however resume once this emergency is over. In the meantime contact your mortgage holder or your landlord and try to come terms with them for the duration of the pandemic.

Everything you need to know about paying your rent or mortgaged during the pandemic.

Resources from Carol Café

Since the pandemic began Carroll Cafe has had to cancel 3 of the 4 concerts on the calendar for the 2019/20 season, and will probably have to cancel the June concert as well. As you can imagine this is a very complicated time for all the artists/musicians, whose income is directly tied to being able to interact with the public. We’ve all read about larger venues making art shows and concerts available live streaming, but Carroll Cafe does not have the ability to do that.

So we would like to put forward an opportunity for you to explore the concerts that didn’t happen by giving you the links to their websites where you can hear and buy their music.

March 13, 2020 IN PROCESS…

April 10,2020 PIERCE PETTIS

May 8, 2020 IONA

June 12, 2020 Scott Ainslee

Resources from the Earth and Spirit Mission Group

It’s still not too late to celebrate Earth Day! Here are some things you can do!

Resources For Sustaining Your Spiritual Life 

The National Cathedral has various programs that can help sustain your spiritual life. From meditating on scripture to a silent retreat in your own home there is something for everyone!

Resources for Food Assistance 

Food Assistance

Resources for Cooking

I wasn’t sure where to put this treasure. Does it go in Cooking? Mental Health and Wellness? Or Learning or Entertainment?

Peaceful Cuisine is a cooking show but there is no talking. Just the noises in the kitchen and some peaceful music playing in the background while Chef Ryoya Takashima tempts and delights you with delicious vegan recipes. Marian, Chris, Lauren and Jeff highly recommend this series of You Tube videos as the ultimate de-stressor.

Resources for Mental Health, Wellness and Emotional Well Being.

Getting sick and tired of being reminded of how productive Shakespeare and Sir Isaac Newton were during their quarantines? Well, this author says, maybe we all need to stop doing and remember how to just be still, even if we get bored!

I am reposting information from last week, since I think there are some great resources here:

PEP continues to offer resources for families and children about the Coronavirus.

Anita sent me this link from the AARP:

“If you’re feeling socially isolated, you can use AARP Community Connections to ask for a phone call from an AARP volunteer Mondaythrough Friday 9 am to 5 pm EDT.  Call1-888-281-0145 or share this number with others.”

Here are some more mental health resources:

EveryMind Specialists are available 24/7 to listen and provide support to either you or a loved one. This service is free and open to all members of our community. You do not have to be in crisis to connect with EveryMind. Reach out even if you are just looking for ways to support someone you are concerned about.  Call/Text: 301.738.2255 or Chat:

Resources to Help You Laugh and Be Entertained 

The Strathmore is doing concerts that you can watch from your living room. Check out the line up for the next few weeks!

I grew up in Japan so I love the Japanese art form of wood block prints. Someone has animated these famous pictures and the results are amazing.

Miss traveling? Feeling a bit stir crazy? Here are some virtual train rides from all over the world!

The Globe Theatre in London is now live-streaming Shakespeare’s greatest plays!

TV and Movies recommended by Seekers

From Liz:

 I’ve watched the PBS program “The Gene” (Another Ken Burns program). Check PBS and local channels to catch it somewhere—it might stream. 2 parts, 2 hrs each. It’s absorbing and taught me so much about genes—everything about them for laypeople, really.  Informative, inspiring (a woman who both has a disabling disease due to a faulty gene and is researching it), lively. Superb.

Kevin Barwick says: I recommend the movie, TO END ALL WARS: Directors Cut on Prime Video. Powerful and meaningful.

Leslie Smith says:

 We are watching an amazing 5-part docu-series on Apple TV+ called “Home”.  It offers a look at the world’s most innovative homes, each birthed out of the individual creator’s life circumstances and needs and creative interests.  It is truly magical.  You can sign up for a free one-week trial of Apple TV+ to enable viewing.

Keith and I are watching or have watched:

Messiah (Netflix)

Westworld (HBO)

Outlander(STARZ and Netflix)

Ozarks  (Netflix)

Keith and I also did a movie date with our kids virtually. We all watched the new “Little Women” at the same time, texted together during the movie and then had a joint conference call together after the movie! We even popped popcorn! It was almost like going to the movies together! We all loved the new “Little Women” too!

Resources for Books and Reading 

We are safe in our homes but that doesn’t mean we can’t travel and see the world by reading about different places. Here is a wonderful article about great books for the armchair traveler!

Books that Fellow Seekers Recommend

Jackie McMakin enjoyed The Second Mountain by David Brooks.

Erin Bush says:

Two of my perennial comfort reads are The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison and the Murderbot series, beginning with All Systems Red, by Martha Wells.

The Goblin Emperor is about a neglected 4th son who becomes Emperor of the Elflands when his father and older brothers are killed in an airship crash, and tries to figure out how to hold power while being a good person.

The Murderbot series is about a security android who has freed itself from digital slavery, and works as a contractor. It’s kinda cynical, loves stories and has named itself Murderbot, somewhat as a joke. It has grudgingly started to care about the humans it has been contracted to guard, which is a problem because someone is trying to kill them.

Claire recommends Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History of the Senses as an all time favorite book and author.

Resources for Learning and Trying New Things

The BBC is announced that Sir David Attenborough will be teaching geography on the BiteSize TV show that is being shown to school kids as they learn from home! Looks like a win win for children of all ages!

This is from Julie:

William and I are hosting a Vita Poetica session on Documenting a Living History this Saturday, 4/25, 1-3pm. We’ll be brainstorming ways (literary/audio/visual) to channel what we’re all going through right now into creative possibility. You can learn more and register for it here.

I also want to include this handout

we’re sending out of creative prompts, in case anyone wants to try them on their own. At the end of that document is a list of places (both historical and creative) that are currently taking contributions specifically related to COVID-19, including some oral history projects. I think so many of you would have such wonderful stories and insights to contribute! Vita Poetica will also host a virtual open mic on June 27, so that is another place to share.

Elijah Wan’s podcasts on animals are both informative and entertaining from Crocodiles to Wolves you can learn a lot from Elijah!

Resources from Seekers

If you or someone within the Seekers community is running out of TP let David Lloyd know. We had some extra at church and we are willing to share with anyone in the community who needs it!

Our own Margreta is making and selling masks on her Etsy site. Here is the link if you need a mask!

Please contact me if you need a mask and don’t have the resources to buy or make them yourself. Margreta made a few extra to share with Seekers who need them!

Resources On How To Still Be God’s Hands and Feet while practicing Social Distancing. 

As we begin to receive our government checks some of us are looking for suggestions on organizations in addition to Seekers with whom to share some of this money. If you have ideas for organizations to support please let me know.

Direct Support for Immigrants is an organization that some individuals in Seekers have worked with by meeting immigrants at bus stations and offering support. Now those same thing immigrants are struggling in the pandemic.

Finally, in other news

The wisteria is beginning to bloom! In Japan they have wisteria “tunnels” so you can immerse yourself in the colors and beauty of the blooms! Enjoy!

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