Resources During This Time of Social Distancing, March 20, 2020

Dear Seekers,
I hope you are doing well in this time of enforced physical distance. Here are the resources that I have gathered for this week. I will be “publishing” this once a week on Friday, so if you have things that you want to have included send them to me by Wednesday.
First, a reminder that we are going to try holding worship via Zoom at our regularly scheduled time: 9:30 Circle Time and 10:00 Worship. Please log on before 10:00 so you do not disrupt the service. Here is the info from Deborah’s email.
On Sunday morning, if you have a video-ready device, please join the Zoom video meeting at You may be asked to download an app in order to join, depending on what kind of computer, smartphone, or tablet you are using.
“You can also dial in by phone at (301)715-8592. At the prompt, use meeting ID 497 708 757 followed by #
If you are asked for a member number or id, just hit # again.

You might also want to print out a copy of the Lent liturgy beforehand. You can find it at

Please feel free to get in touch with me or any member of Celebration Circle (Peter, Brenda, Elizabeth, and Ken) if you have questions or concerns. If you want to practice getting online with Zoom before Sunday, let me know and I’ll go through the process with you. Like most folks, I’m mostly at home….”

We hope as many as possible can be there with us.

Now on to other news and resources.
* One piece of good news is that Mnuchin has extended the time to file your tax returns from April 15 to July 15. for those who like to procrastinate this is great news, for those who have already completed your returns you can pay yourselves on the back for being early! ????

* Trish sent this important resource for those In search of ways of getting free food.
“This is for for non-child rearing adults, I was directed to the capital area food bank – – that has an interactive map – clumsy to use but keep at it and you’ll get the hang of it – that identifies all food distribution areas in the region with names, addresses, phone numbers and days of operation.  You get to the map by clicking on the link in the yellow Covid-19 banner at the top of the home page.”
*  I found this article on how to handle all the free floating worry and anxiety all around us very helpful.
* Rotten Tomatoes, a movie/entertainment rating service, created a list of 100 movies that they recommend and how you can watch them for free! Streaming services like Crackle and others streaming services show the complete movie but have ad breaks now and then, which is how they can show them for free! Enjoy!
* Our own WAPO created a list of historic sites and attraction that have created virtual tours so you can visit them while sitting at home in your pjs!
* Now that we have time, we can catch up on all those TV shows that people kept urging us to watch. WAPO has created a list for us of all the best shows you might have missed!
* Have you wanted to learn a new skill? Or learn a craft or how to be more creative? This is your chance. This website has all kinds of things you can learn how to do from learning a new language to embroidery. I am sure you can find something to interest you here! Some of the classes charge a fee. Using video they teach you how to do whatever you want to learn. No excuses! Now is the time! Dive in and do it!
Julie sent this resource for prayer and meditation! Thanks Julie!
I’m registered in this free online Novena that I thought some others might enjoy. It’s hosted by Christine Valters Paintner through her “virtual monastery,” Abbey of the Arts.  It started today, but you can access the recordings afterward.
That’s all for today! I hope you find something that engages you, helps you grow, calms your fears and makes us stronger! Remember we are all in this together!
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