Seekers Away Sermons Archive

pastarchives.jpgMany members of the Seekers Community are also members of other churches, or have preached as guests. Here are a few of these ‘Away’ sermons.

09/03/2006 by Anna Gilcher given at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church, Washington, DC: The Place Where We Are Right 

     I like to be right. I like to be good at things. I like to walk through the house I have built on my competence and admire it, noticing the details I have carefully carved into the wood, the polish I have given the floors, the thick rugs I have carefully chosen, the pictures I have lovingly hung on the walls.

12/08/2005 by Peter Bankson, for Covenant Christian Community: The Realm of God is like a Risky Investment 

     Last spring, when Reverend Lola signed up for a class in our School of Christian Living it felt like a new chapter in our life as a faith community. Oh, in the past we have welcomed folks to our school who were not part of our worshiping community, but when you came here to be with us on Tuesday evenings it felt like a real welcome to our new home. Now you are sharing our space. Thanks be to God!

09/18/2005 by Anna Gilcher given at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church, Washington, DC: Committing to Stand by the Side of the Road 

     If I see inside myself the temptation to seek power because I fear being powerless, then I need to commit to stand by the side of the road calling out, “Jesus, Master, take pity on me.”

06/07/2005 by Pat Conover at the DC Interreligious Pride Service, Luther Place: What God Counts Clean 

     Like the Pharisees, most Christians have claimed a specialness that is precious to them; the following of Jesus and the creation of relationships that make us all part of one body. Similarly, we have a wide array of LGBT support groups that help us name, and claim, and celebrate our specialness, that help us with forming and sustaining our new identities, that help us cope with the oppression we face today.

05/22/2005 by Anna Gilcher given at Dayspring Church, Germantown MD: Trinitarian Bodies 

     Have you been with a small child recently? Have you noticed how fully they give the gift of their bodies, of themselves? And what a joy it is to receive that gift? And how much intimacy grows when that happens? … how much love grows? And how you are both drawn into existing more fully? We are not just “souls” in relationship with God and with each other; we are bodies-in-relationship — with God, with each other, and with ourselves.

02/27/2005 by Anna Gilcher given at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church, Washington, DC: The Troll’s Magic Mirror 

     Now the spring is gushing up inside her as she leaves her water jar behind and runs to tell the others. She is no longer isolated. She is no longer trapped in her own anger and cleverness. She is no longer afraid. She is no longer cut off. The spring of water has gushed up and washed away the splinters of glass that have lodged in her heart, in her eyes; fully human, fully connected, dwelling in the love that is the fount of our being, this is how things really are. “Come and see!”

10/31/2004 by Kevin L. Ogle given at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Keokuk, Iowa: Interpretation of the Word: Fear, Faithfulness and Being Called  

     Habukkuk and Jeremiah lived in troubled, violent and fear-inspiring times. Both prophets feared for and pleaded with God about the fate of the homeland they loved, even as they challenged its leaders and people to repent, humbly turn to God and restore shalom — God’s vision of justice and fairness in the land.  We Americans, three years after 9-11, have become increasingly aware that we live in troubled, dangerous times. Many of us have learned to live in fear.

01/25/2004 by Pat Conover at First Congregational Church, Long Beach, California: Gender Freedom and Responsibility 

     This sermon is about lifting up the good news, the Gospel, for everyone, however you understand yourself as a man, a woman, or as a transgender person; the good news is that God loves you and wants you to be the best kind of man, woman, or transgender person that you can be.

03/30/2003 by Deborah Sokolove at the Washington Theological Union: What?s Good About Bad Art? Art Criticism, Theology and Christian Devotion 

     When I was in art school in the early 1980s, I had to take a number of courses in art history. One of those classes was centered on the contemporary Los Angeles art scene, and toward the end of the semester, we went on a field trip to a local gallery. As we walked through an exhibition of paintings and drawings, much of the work seemed incomprehensible to me. Filled with what looked like random markings and childish renditions of people and animals, the works seemed to have no sense of design or craft, or even much thought.

03/30/2003 by Pat Conover at United Church of Christ, St. Louis, MO: Welcoming the Truth  

     This is a sermon about the United States, land that I love, carrying visions of democracy, liberty, and the common good that cannot be distorted by the scoundrels of our current national leadership who lead by deceit and bring forth death and alienation.

03/30/2003 by Marjory Zoet Bankson : Sermon for First Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas 

     Watching the news of war in Iraq this week, it is not hard to imagine the scene in our Old Testament scripture for today…sandstorms, sun glare and thirst, danger and despair. They remembered Egypt, with its cool shadows and plentiful water, and they wanted to go back, even if it meant slavery again.

12/08/2002 by Peter Bankson, at Goodwin House: Ol’ Man Mose 

     Whenever I talked about Ol’ Man Mose my parents told me he was “crazy,” and to forget about him. Therefore, I did not talk about him, but I did not forget. When this Gospel lesson comes our way, I cannot help thinking of this strong, self-reliant old man, living a simple life with dignity. The image of Ol’ Man Mose makes John the Baptizer come to life.

10/23/2002 by Sandra Miller, Potter’s House: How am I faithful to God? 

     What does faithfulness to God mean in your life?  Not faith in God, but faithfulness to God.  Not just trusting that God exists, but living out faithfulness to God by obeying God, not out of submission, but with joy.

12/04/1999 by Marjory Zoet Bankson, Washington, DC :  Ordination Service for Rob Benson

     In the hospitals, Rob met people at the edge of their self-sufficiency, where old answers wouldn?t work and they sometimes had to deal with pain so real that there was no escape from it. When he returned from Chicago, his excitement was palpable. It was a challenge worthy of his largeness! He began to know what he was here for.

11/20/1999 by Marjory Zoet Bankson, Church in the Forest, Pebble Beach, CA : Wedding Reflection 

     In our self-centered culture, marriage is a kind of madness! An irrational act! A vote of confidence for the future and a statement of faith in the unknown! You probably also know from watching your parents wrestle with their differences over the years that marriage will change you in the process. That is what I want to talk about just a bit.

03/28/1999 presentation to the Washington Ethical Society by Pat Conover: Taking Care of Each Other: Social Insurance Manifested as Social Security 

     It isn’t surprising that the attack on Social Security comes from those who are already so well off that they think they do not need the Social Security protections against poverty. The fact that a lot of people are not as protected as they think they are may not make much difference because a lot of people do not like to be reminded of their vulnerabilities.

01/07/1995 by Pat Conover given in St. Louis, MO: Sharing Dominion 

     I was so turned off by arguments over the virgin birth in the churches of my youth that I came to generally dislike the Christmas stories in Matthew and Luke. Then there was a period when I was interested in scraping away all the accretions of the gospel writers so I could try to understand what was really going on with this Jesus person. Now I’m prone to thinking that even if we can get some windows onto the words and actions of Jesus, that an important part of what was going on was that people were responding to Jesus the best they could, and their best included stories to name some truths they couldn’t fully grasp.