Writing About Seekers

Occasionally someone writes about our life together as a faith community. Some of this writing is intended to get us thinking more deeply about our values, commitments, or practices. Some is written to describe our life together to a wider audience. Over the years we’ve tried to collect as much of this writing as we can, so we won’t forget how we appeared to someone who was interested enough to write about us. Here are the documents we know about. If you’re aware of others, please let us know.

Writing by Others

Hal Taussig, A New Spiritual Home: Progressive Christianity at the Grass Roots (Santa Rosa: Polebridge Press,2006). This discussion of new and renewed progressive churches highlights the wide community participation in creative worship as a distinctive mark of Seekers Church (pp. 71-72)

Paul Wilkes, Excellent Protestant Congregations ( Louisville:Westminster John Knox Press, 2001). This description combines observations about worship at Seekers Church with experiences at the Potter’s House and other activities of Church of the Saviour.

Writing by Seekers

Ron Arms

“Money: A Window on the Sacred,” March 1997.
“Belonging: A Discussion Paper,” June 1997.
“Decision Making: A Discussion Paper,” July 1997.
“Leadership: A Discussion Paper,” September 1997.

These discussion papers by Ron Arms were offered to stimulate conversation within Seekers Church about our core values. Ron offered a course in the Seekers School of Christian Living as a forum to begin the conversation. These themes remain the focus of sermons, classes, and conversations.

Marjory Zoet Bankson

Stalking the Spirit in a Do-It-Yourself Church (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2014).

This book is the story of Seekers Church, known for creative worship, an open pulpit, shared leadership, a strong matrix of mission groups, and generous giving.

“The Rhythm of Renewal,” Chapter 9 in Rattling Those Dry Bones, June Steffensen Hagen, ed. (San Diego: LuraMedia, 1995).

This chapter offers reflections on losing heart and finding it again as part of the spiritual path shared by many at Seekers Church.

“The Power of Commitment: It Can Happen Anywhere,” in Best Practices from America’s Best Churches, Paul Wilkes & June Minchin, eds. (New York: Paulist Press, 2003). (Permission to reprint requested.)

This chapter provides an overview of Seekers Church with emphasis on God’s call and the commitment of each member.

Pat Conover“Case Study of a Progressive Christian Community,” February 2008.

This sociological study is intended: to help people who don’t know Seekers Church to gain some understanding of the distinctive way that Seekers understands itself and acts as a church; to encourage other congregations that are seeking revitalization or transformation; to contribute to networking with other progressive Christian churches; to inform students of ecclesiology and sociologists or anthropologists of religion; and to be of some value to Seekers Church as it continues to grow in understanding and comfort with following the path it has begun.

Kate Cudlipp, “Who Do We Say We Are? A Question for The Seekers Church,” April 2004.

This course paper written in the Master of Divinity Program at Wesley Theological Seminary describes the history of Seekers Church and lays out some theological structures to help shape conversations about the emerging shape of Seekers Church.

Kevin Ogle, “The Self-Understanding of Seekers Church as Compared with Aspects of the Self-Understanding/Identity of Ancient Israel Expressed in the Pentateuch,”   February 1997.

This seminar paper written in the DMin program compares the concept of the Promised Land with the search by Seekers Church for a new home. That search began in 1995 and ended in June 2004 when we moved from our place at the headquarters of Church of the Saviour to our present location.

Hollis Vail, “Thoughts on Membership,” August 1994.

Reflections on belonging to Seekers Church by a long-time participant and co-founder of the Seekers Growing Edge Fund.

Other Writing on the Seekers Church Website

In the Core Documents section of this website we have collected documents that have been affirmed by the Stewards of Seekers Church as “official” descriptions of our life together. Most of those are careful to say that they are efforts to describe how we understand ourselves rather than to prescribe how we ought to be. In addition, since we welcome a different preacher each time we worship, many sermons reflect different views of our life together. (Many of these sermons are collected in the Sermons section.)